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Katia Molino
Actress / Narrator

Katia Molino has a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the School of Creative Arts, Wollongong University, where she majored in movement and theatre. She trained in Corporeal Mime with Entr’Acte Theatre, and Suzuki Actor Training (in Japan and Australia) under the tutelage of Tadashi Suzuki.

Katia is a freelance performer who has worked with many different companies and individual artists. Some of these include; Stalker (Incognita), Marrugeku (Crying Baby), Theatre Kantanka (Missing the Bus to David Jones), The Opera Project (Brief Synopsis), Roslyn Oades (I’m Your Man), NORPA (Railway Wonderland), and Chiara Guidi (Jack and the Beanstalk).

For Campbelltown Arts Centre she made Arboreal Pleasures, a solo performance in response to attending the Campbelltown Bonsai Group for a year. Later, for Urban Theatre Projects she made “Inclusions”, inspired by the Bankstown and Districts Lapidary Society.

With Theatre Kantanka, she attended the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, 2016, in the Czech Republic. Theatre Kantanka were invited to participate in 'Tribes; a perambulatory performative exhibition of their costumes from ‘Bargain Garden’ through the streets of Prague.

Katia Molino 1_edited.jpg

Image © Eric Molino

She first worked with Ensemble Offspring in collaboration with Theatre Kantanka to make “Bargain Garden”. Later, with Ensemble Offspring, she performed in “Sounds Absurd” and “Secret Noise”. 

As well as theatre, Katia has trained in the dark arts of diagnostic radiography, hypnotherapy and millinery. 

She is looking forward to narrating Holly Harrison's whimsical 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' and Ned McGowan's cheeky 'Annabel' together with Ensemble Offspring at the Bowral Autumn Music Festival in March 2022. 

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